A Moment~Well~Taken

hospiceA5[1]As usual, I was on my way, to make my way through another busy day at work. The traffic was normal. The pressure I felt as I mentally ran down the list of my “to do’s” for the day was normal.  In fact, everything appeared to be fairly normal…until I happened to glance down and notice the time.  As the numbers registered on my brain, I realized that I was just a little early for a meeting.  And then it happened, for some inexplicable reason I pressed the brake pedal, turned on my turn signal and pulled into a parking lot.  I pass by this parking lot every day and hardly give it a second thought.  On this day, however, I found myself in it.  I came to a stop. I put the car in park. I turned off the radio, and I turned off the engine then I took a deep breath.

I lifted my eyes to look past the dash board and there it was, right in front of me… a beautiful morning sunrise.  The sky was spectacular!  Above the cars and trucks and SUVs and trailers and headlights and taillights… above the buildings and the billboards, the sun was rising in the east and gray clouds were floating by, changing shapes at the whim of the breeze that blew.  As they moved ever-so-slowly, the sun beyond seemed to squeeze its golden rays through the shadows.  The sun with all of its brightness and brilliance is a warm and welcomed friend, but, the clouds add something special to the canvas as well.  They add shape, shadow, depth and perspective.  The gray clouds of the morning, gently rolling past the rising sun, remind me of the mystery of life and the privilege of hope.

Oh… to pull over from time to time (especially during the busy holiday season) and shift into park, turn everything off just for a moment.  Then to lift up our eyes and see the wonder of what is more often than not, right in front of us.  There are thoughts to think, mysteries to contemplate and there is hope to embrace… just beyond the dash board and above the buildings and the billboards.

If you will take the time to pull over every now and then, you too may just find that it is… A Moment [well] Taken.

Later… Wes


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