Martha Jo Price, Friend!

Martha Jo PriceMartha Jo Price loved Nacogdoches, Texas, with all her heart.

Though she lived abroad in early adulthood, “Jo”, as she was affectionately known to her close friends and family, returned to Nacogdoches for most of her adult life.  She enjoyed everything about life in her community.  There was time to paint prodigiously in her home studio.  The local golf courses allowed her to perfect her game and to compete often and fiercely.  Most of all, she loved the company of her decades-long friendships.

It was her friends who introduced Ms. Price to the mission of Hospice of East Texas.  She played golf with Jessica Henderson, Hospice’s Director of Operations in Nacogdoches, and Leah Brasher, RN and their husbands.  Her friend, Sara Pennington, volunteered at the Hospice of East Texas Shop in Nacogdoches and shared stories about the shop and the mission of Hospice that the shop supported.  Ms. Price liked what she heard and became a regular and generous annual donor to Hospice of East Texas.

When Ms. Price became ill, it was a privilege for Hospice of East Texas to care for her in her final days, returning to her the same extraordinary care and support her contributions as a donor had made possible for others.  “We would not have chosen anyone but Hospice of East Texas to care for Jo,” said Pattie DeLamar, her close friend, golfing partner and executor of her estate.  “We already knew them.  We loved and trusted Jessica and Leah and knew Hospice of East Texas would provide the very best care.  And they did!”

After her passing in 2015, Ms. Price’s love for her home town bloomed into life with the granting of six transformational gifts to local nonprofits from her estate.  Hospice of East Texas was blessed to be among the recipients of Ms. Price’s ultimate generosity.

“Jo was an extraordinary woman,” said Mrs. DeLamar, “smart, accomplished and so much fun. She was not one for fanfare or fuss.  She would never have wanted to see her name up in lights, but she did really love the Nacogdoches community.  The gifts she made through her will are evidence of  just how much she cared about her home town and its people, and how much good she wanted to do.”


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